Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Here is the secret to my top-quality canvas prints.
I print them myself in my studio.

After not getting the quality I wanted in my prints, I decided to
invest in a large-format printer.
(One of the smartest things I did for my art.)
I know what the original painting looks like and I want
to create a print that looks as close to the original as

When people first look at my prints on canvas most
think they are looking at original paintings ....that is
until they see the handpainted numbering on each print.
The prints are so good & have so much detail one can see
every brushstroke and even the hairs from the paint brush
that got stuck in the original painting.

And it is just not in the printer where the ink is put to canvas that makes a print good, it is all the pre- & post-print work to get each print just right.
Getting a high-quality digital image, touching it up in the computer, then putting the right combination of varnish and brushed-on texture to get aprint that looks like a painting.

It takes lots of work and there is an art to getting a good
digital print. If it is not good enough for me to hang on my wall
then it does not go to a customer.